8 Ways to exercise your brain with games

Mind games and crossword puzzles are gaining a lot of popularity these days. If you are a regular with such interesting activities, then you have definitely given a thought to brain exercise. People of all age groups are striving to achieve a young brain by engaging in activities that improve their cognitive power and concentration. Firstly a word about what exactly is brain exercise…. What these games and puzzles do is they improve the brains response time, make your thinking sharp and also sharpen your logical reasoning. All these combined together are what we call brain exercise. In the long run they help to keep your brain young and mental disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease at bay. Here is a list of the top 8 exercises you could begin if you want to keep your brain young and active.

(1) Lumosity: It is one of the most popular brain training website available these days. Once you have signed up, they give you three tasks per day and you can increase the level of difficulty as you go. It helps you track your progress and also gives you a continuous line up of innovative science based activities and tests.

(2) Sudoku: Sudoku is a brain game that plays on the memory of the user. In order to complete a puzzle, you have to arrange the numbers in such a way that each row and column has a number in the series of 1 to 9 and none of them is repeated. The game needs looking ahead and increases the concentration to a great extent.

(3) Happy Neuron: This website has specific games for the five areas of brain development like attention, memory, language and execution. Once you sign up, they provide you with games and tasks that are backed by scientific research and study.

(4) Crosswords: This is an age old classic and very popular among all age groups. The daily newspaper has a crossword puzzle corner and many people are almost addicted to it. It helps you by improving your vocabulary and language skills. You read up a lot to get that one word and end up learning a lot of trivia.

(5) Braingle: This application has a very wide collection of brain exercises and teasers.

(6) My Brain Trainer: This website works on the module of a subscription. It has endless games and puzzles to offer its users. Regular users claim that these games help to increase mental speed to a great extent.

(7) Brain Age 2: This game keeps your brain sharp and also improves your memory, concentration and calculation power.

(8) Queendom: This website is free and provides the user with an interesting array of personality tests. It has search surveys, trivia questions and aptitude tests where users can test themselves and flex their brain muscles. It does not entail a subscription fee or package.

All of these games are available online in the form of applications and also as newspaper or magazine crosswords. You can choose whichever suits you and get going. A young and healthy brain is just a few crosswords away!!

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